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Picture courtesy

of Jack Dudley

from his book

( Swansboro A Pictorial Tribute ).

The restoration of interior of Morton's Academy 

( One-Room Schoolhouse ) and slide show of some of the restoration work of the interior from start to finish.                         

The restoration of the interior of Morton's One-Room Schoolhouse took some hard work and a lot of time to complete. After the school was consolidated in the year 1926, the building was remodeled to be used as a home. The interior was roomed off into four rooms and a hallway, the door was moved from the gable end to the middle of the side of the building. There was a fireplace added in the living room.The ceiling was lowered in hight three times over the years, and the windows were replaced with smaller windows. All this had to be removed and windows replaced back to the original size and the door put back in the cable end. Sheetrock had been added over the interior walls, this had to be removed. The paneling was taken off the walls and the ceiling and the ceiling rafters and wall studs repaired and then paneling renailed to the ceiling and walls. The floor boards had to be removed so the floor joice could be repaired. Then sub flooring was placed on the floor joice and the floor boards nailed back in place. Then came preparing for the painting of the interior. This took some time to complete. The school building was not painted , outside or inside in the 1800's . Over time the restoration to the interior was completed and the restoring of the desk and pot belly stove and the building of desk, doors, closet, coat racks, teacher's desk and props , was completed. The slide show will show some of the process.  

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